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Orange Bowl
Rialto, CA
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The Orange Bowl is a roadside treasure not just because it represents a past where bowling alleys were a prime form of family entertainment. This bowling alley is also noteworthy because it sits right along Route 66, the Mother Road.


Orange Bowl (Demolished)
Rialto, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco


Here are a couple of photos of the Orange Bowling Alley sign and building, located in San Bernardino. In it's heyday, this bowling alley was a favorite among many bowlers in the area. Unfortunately, this bowling alley looks like it's ready to be gone for good, judging by the fencing around the building. Another Route 66 icon is closed and may soon disappear. 04-05


UPDATE 07/07 : Just saw this on the Route 66 News blog. In the Route 66 town known for its Wigwam motels, the Orange Bowl may be an afterthought. The Orange Bowl along old Route 66 in Rialto, CA has been closed for about two decades, serving a reminder to the past when large tall bowling alley signs were almost common in every town.


Orange Bowl close up and building
Rialto, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


Unfortunately, the old abandoned building has also been graffiti, waste, drug paraphernalia, and unknown visitors. According to the July 10, 2007 article in the San Bernardino County Sun, the City of Rialto now wants the building brought up to code or taken down, which the property owner supports. 07-07


UPDATE 04/08 : An unconfirmed report from the street as stated that the Orange Bowl sign has been removed. 04-08

UPDATE 12/08 : Not only has the sign been removed, but so has the building. It was razed in early 2008 and is now just a dirt covered vacant lot. (The Church's chicken still remains on the corner) It appears plans were for a Fresh and Easy store to be built on the property. Many thanks to Tim for update. 12-08



Google Street View Image





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