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Googie Motels East


Moon Motel
Howell, NJ
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here's a real googie looking motel marquee for the Moon Motel in Howell, NJ. At night, the two side rockets light up. 08-01

Moon Motel Close-up
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf


UPDATE 07/07 : The Moon Motel is now called the Blue Moon, but according to the Blue Moon, the original marquee still remains. Many thanks to Christopher Hammersla for update. 07-07

UPDATE 08/07 : The Moon Motel marquee is still there. The night time illumination is not what it could be as the owner has spent quite a sum to keep it lit without much success. Only the MOON MOTEL part lights up presently. Anyway, not a place for the squeamish. By my standards/expectations, I give it a D PLUS. Many would flunk it, but the sheets/towels were clean, there were no roaches and my girlfriend did not bolt. Actually, a real good cleaning/paint job/carpet and a repaired pool would easily improve the place. Many thanks to Christopher Hammersla for update. 08-07



Vestal Motel
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The Vestal Motel is a grand looking early to mid-century sign that still appears to have its neon intact. Also features free HBO, which shows it's up with current times.






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