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Roadside Attractions Great Plains


The Enchanted Highway
Gladstone, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Enchanted Highway in Gladstone, North Dakota is quite a off the path trip. The round trip along this highway is about 100 miles with sights along the way. A huge sculpture/figure will show up every few miles along Interstate 94.

The grasshoppers and pheasant shown in these three photos are just a few of the folk art figures that line the highway. So, next time you're in the area, you may wish to take a trip down the Enchanted Highway. 06-06

For more information on world's largest metal sculpture by artist Gary Greff, check out the EnchantedHighway.net site.



Tulsa Time Capsule
Tulsa, OK
Photos courtesy Chris King

After being buried for 50 years, the old time capsule in Tulsa, OK was dug up in the old Belvedere. The Old Faithful American Flag survived. 07-07

(Left) The crew digs up the old car and time capsule

(Right) A photo from 50 years ago





Belvedere on display
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Scott Meeker

Here's a shot of the dug of Belvedere on display. 07-07












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