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Neon Motels Midwest

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The Golden Door Motel
Osage Beach, MO
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the Golden Door Motel, complete with revolving wooden door on the motel. Mechanical signs like this one are few and far between in this day and age.



Arrowhead Lodge
Osage Beach, MO
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This fine neon sign depicting the Arrowhead Lodge still lights up the sky in Osage Beach. Just check out the outline on this neon marquee.



Courtesy Motel
Urbana, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out this neon shot of the Courtesy Motel of Urbana, IL. The pulsating lines just waves about but does not quite hide the fact that the neon "E" is in the wrong color!



Diplomat Motel
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Indiana is home to the Diplomat Motel. Shown here in neon splendor, the Diplomat was redone recently.



West-Wind Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a nice shot of the West-Wind Motel in all its neon greatness. This Illinois rest stop is worth a look-see.





Brer Rabbit Motel (Removed)
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Check out the Brer Rabbit Motel and its smiling bunny on its sign. Quite the smile, to say the least.


UPDATE 08/08 : This great sign is GONE.  As of a week ago, there's now a very plastic box that simply says the name of the place. Many thanks to Gary for update. 08-08



The Maples Motel
Sandusky, OH
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This neon shot of the Maples Motel in Sandusky shows the sign advertising its vacancy to the roadside.






Stars Motel (Demolished)
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's a shot of The Stars Motel sign all lit up for the evening. Looks like the neon is in perfect working order.


UPDATE 09/06 : The Stars Motel on Lincoln Avenue is in the process of being demolished for new condo development. Thanks to the concern by the new developer over saving this sign, the sign was placed on eBay and sold for about a hundred dollars. The sign was purchased with plans to install it in a clothing store on Armitage Avenue in Chicago. Many thanks to Scott Schiller for update. 09-06








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