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Roadside Men Midwest


Beach Guy
Benld, IL
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Benld, IL is home to this Beach Guy, who looks to soak up some rays to get some sort of a tan. 06-07

(Far right) A close-up look at the beach guy

(Near right) Beach guy standing in front of the building



Jackhammer Man
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

This working man is located in Joliet, IL. Not quite sure what type of business he's standing in front of here. 11-07



Roadside Man
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's another roadside man near Chicago, IL. 11-07



Lumberjack and Cow
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's a lumberjack and a cow. The cow appears to be huge. They stand at an amusement park near Chicago. 11-07




Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Check out this roadside Indian waving his hand at passersby at this Chicago, IL location. This roadside guy appears to be from the same variety as the ones shown above. 11-07



Paul Bunyan
Irish Hills, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a Paul Bunyan standing guard in this winter scene from Irish Hills, MI. This Paul Bunyan looks like he's ready to knock down a few trees, or at least snowmen here in the Michigan town. 05-08



Abraham Lincoln
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Chibbqking

This tall fella is none other than Abe Lincoln. Found in the area of his hometown of Springfield, IL, Abe stands tall at the State Fair Grounds. 05-09




The Timbers Lounge
Muncie, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

This huge Paul Bunyan stands at the corner of IN 32 and Tillotson on the SW side of Muncie, IN. Dressed in a yellow shift and blue jeans, he's a can't miss sight to see. 06-11














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