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Roadside Drug Stores Midwest


Rosen Drugs
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp

Check out the marquee at the Rosen Drugs in Chicago, IL. 11-09



Kostrog Drugs
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp

Here's an old Rexall drug sign at Kostrog Drugs in Chicago. This sign features nice working neon lettering though the sign itself is a bit weather beaten these days. Now, here's a new one being advertised on the sign. "Fannie May" candies! 11-09



Pathenios Luncheonette Drugs Rockford ILPathenios Luncheonette
Rockford, IL
Photo and info courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Pathenios Luncheonette in Rockford, IL sports a neon sign that looks to have been written over. On the main marquee, the letters spelling out "drug" is written over with neon "food" lettering. According to this source, Pathenios is currently residing in the former Hobson Drug Co building. 09-10



Ryan Pharmacy
Bloomington, IL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

This drugstore found in Bloomington, IL is called Ryan Pharmacy. The place comes complete with the eye-catching sign hanging off the roof. 06-11



N.H. Ballin Drugs
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Here's another classic neon sign from Chicago. The N.H. Ballin Drugs still features intact neon lettering as it stand along busy Lincoln Blvd. 07-11










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