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Bowling Alleys Rocky Mountains

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Ritz Bowl
Salt Lake City, UT
Photo courtesy Jack Wright

Check out this huge marquee for the Ritz Bowl in Salt Lake City. The bowling alley sign is a gigantic frame that can be seen for blocks.


Miracle Bowl
Orem, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

It's a miracle! At least that's what some people think when they see this sign. Well, maybe not. However, this marquee for the Miracle Bowl will make any ten pin alley proud.



Holiday Bowl
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Holiday Bowl features an interesting building itself that seems to date back to the mid-century. This alley seemed to have a decent crowd on hand.




Jack and Jill Bowl
American Fork, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here are a couple of shots of the fine marquee at the Jack and Jill Bowl.

(Near right) Check out the form on this neon bowler

(Right) This swooping orange arrow points the way into the entertainment room.



El Mark-O Lanes
Rawlins, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The El Mark-O Lanes in Rawlins features a bowling pin outline that is a familiar sight around the Rocky Mountain area. Give the El Mark-O a shot if you're in the mood for some ten pin bowling.



Memory Bowl
Rawlins, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a shot of another Rawlins ten pin alley. This one, called Memory Bowl, features a bowling pin on top of the marquee.





Melody Lanes
American Falls, ID
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Welcome to the Melody Lanes in American Falls, ID. The Melody sign appears to have featured musical notes that may have even been worked up in neon. From the looks of things, some of the sign now appears rather weather beaten and worse for wear. 08-06





(Right photos) The Melody Lanes marquee in close-up views

The sign even has multicolored panels spelling out "LANES". 09-06










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