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neon signage rocky mountains


Saving Center Super Markets (Gone)
Idaho Falls, ID
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Starburst sign at the Saving Center Super Markets takes on new life when the neon goes on at dusk in Idaho Falls, ID. 10-06


UPDATE 09/16 : The Savings Center and its cool neon sign is now gone. 09-16




Maag's Prescription Center
Pocatello, ID
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Maag's Prescription Center
is all lit up at night in Pocatello, ID. 10-06

(Far left) A look at the front of Maag's at night

(Near left) The neon lettering of Maag's Prescription Center is all aglow



Granite Furniture
Salt Lake City, UT
Photo and info courtesy Dawn Corrigan

Here is a night shot of the Granite Furniture store sign, located in Salt Lake City, UT. Granite Furniture opened its first store at this pictured location in 1910. A real eye-catcher from the road is the Granite Furniture Hermier, the three-dimensional red starburst atop the marquee. 12-06



Hodgins Drug and Hearing
Moscow, ID
Photo courtesy Candace Courts

This old downtown drug store uses its neon lit sign to let customers find their way in. Hodgins Drug and Hearing is located along Main Street in downtown Moscow, ID. 05-09




CJ's Night Club and Billiards
Moscow, ID
Photo courtesy Candace Courts

Downtown Moscow, ID is home to CJ's Night Club and Billiards. CJ's is a favorite hangout for locals as well as travelers passing through town. 05-09




John's Liquors Denver COJohn's Liquors
Denver, CO
Photos courtesy Robin McCracken

Check out this neon sign that lights up the roadside and sidewalk outside of John's Liquors in Denver. 09-10














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