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Grand Cinema Rocky Mountains

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Lamar Theatre
Lamar, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Lamar, CO is home to this gem of a theatre. The Lamar Theatre opened its doors on November 15, 1946 and was built in the art deco style. For more information about the Lamar Theatre, check out the Lamar Theatre website. 05-09




Mayan Theatre Denver COMayan Theatre Denver COMayan Theatre
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp

The Mayan Theatre is an old Art Deco type of classic theatre, located on Broadway in Denver, CO. According to Cinema Treasures, the Mayan was built in 1930 and was a first run theatre for years. After sitting abandoned, the Mayan was spared from demolition in the mid-1980's and Landmark Theaters operates what is now a triplex. 09-10

(Far left) A close up look at the blade marquee for the Mayan Theatre

(Near left) The front facade of the Mayan. The Mayah here in Denver resembles the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles from the blade neon to the front facade.



Rialto Theatre
Florence, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Here's a look at the Rialto Theatre in Florence, CO. According to Cinema Treasures, the theater opened in 1923 as a vaudeville theatre and began showing movies 4 years later. Located on West Main Street, the Rialto shut down in 1969.

The theatre has been in the process of being renovated by a non-profit group since 1992. 01-13









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