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Wigwam Village
Cave City, KY


Here is a Roadside Peek tribute to one of the roadside's very special treasures. And best of all, this one is still open for business. Yes, it is none other than the Wigwam Village of Cave City, KY. Many thanks to Wiley Brewer for both the text and photographs. After reading the article, be sure to see the Wigwam Gallery.

Wigwam Village
Cave City, KY
Photo and info courtesy Wiley Brewer

For more information on the Wigwam Village #2 in Cave City, see the official website.



The Wigwam Village is a roadside must see attraction located in Cave City, Kentucky. The area is home to Mammoth Cave National Park. In the old days before the Interstate was built, Highway 65 running north and south thru Kentucky was the main road through town. A traveler would have been on US Highway 31W through Cave City, where Wigwam Village No. 2 is still there today, and on 31E about five miles east where Wigwam Village No. 1 was located. Unfortunately, Wigwam Village No. 1 is no longer there.

Both Wigwam Villages were built in the 1930's. One day, Eleanor Roosevelt passed by during one of her many journeys traveling through America and commented about the Wigwam in her daily newspaper column" My Day".



The Main Wigwam
Photo and info courtesy Wiley Brewer

The Wigwam Villages had a large central "wigwam", where the office and a restaurant were located. On a side note, because of the way it was built inside , if you sat at on side of the restaurant counter and were talking to someone in a whisper, you could still be heard on the other side as well. The sound would carry very well. The kitchen was located in the full basement and food was brought up from there and served. A gift shop was also located in the basement. Since the Interstate has been built, the town was bypassed and the traffic slowed down on Hwy 31W. Therefore, years ago the restaurant closed down, and today the gift shop is now where the restaurant once was.


Outside are 15 smaller Wigwams, both of the 2 bedroom and single variety. All have been maintained very well and are fun to stay in. A large children's play area is located in the middle yard. There are two small wigwams located on each side of the main large one, which were at one time restrooms for the restaurant guest.


The Wigwam is a great place to just come and look at, and I have been stopping by there since I was a child. I think you should too! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my photograph's.


Wiley Brewer



See the Wigwam Gallery



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