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Other Roadside Signage California Desert


Borderland Buses
Brawley, CA
Photo courtesy Bill Herzog

This old sign looks like it's seen many a sunny and dry day. It appears that Borderland Buses was a charter stop and featured box lunches by the looks of the "Chuck's box lunches" wording on the sign.

Photo courtesy David Winston



Texaco Marine (Gone)
Salton Sea, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an old Texaco Marine sign found in the Salton Sea. This sign is now gone though the stinky fish

is still around.



Brawley Animal Clinic
Brawley, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

This old sign still stands on the rooftop of the Brawley Animal Clinic in Brawley, CA. The animal clinic closed its doors a few years back. It sits on the bank of the new river- designated the most polluted river in the United States. It flows from Mexico north to the Salton Sea. there was no truth to the rumor that your pets would glow for days after treatment here. 12-06



Welcome to Needles
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

Needles, land of the heat, especially in the pits of summer. See this welcome sign as you enter Needles.

Needles Wagon
Needles, CA
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley / 1992

This wooden carriage is located at another entrance to Needles, and has been a welcome standby for years. 07-07



Shield's Dates
Palm Desert, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

When you stop in the Palm Spring/Palm Desert what do you normally think of. Swimming pools?Good eats?Well, how 'bout a date? Shield's Dates has been in business many a year serving up fresh dates,dates shakes, you name it. As the sign says, they're open year round.

Shields Dates
Indio, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

The Shields is still attracting travelers. I remember as a kid seeing "the sex life of the date" here. They're still running it. 06-06









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