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Petrol Pumps Northern California


Discount Auto
Sacramento, CA
Photo and info courtesy Chris Sampang

The Discount Auto in Sacramento, CA is a remnant of an old Wilshire or Gulf Gas Station. This one is located in Citrus Heights along Auburn Boulevard. 03-07




Smog Depot
Sacramento, CA
Photos and info courtesy Chris Sampang

Watt Avenue in North Highlands is home to the Smog Depot, which is a Phillips 66 prototype from the 1960's. Phillips 66 bought Tidewater in 1966 and had operations in California until 1976. 03-07



Auto Shop
Sacramento, CA
Photos and info courtesy Chris Sampang

This former gas station and now auto shop near the Pancake Circus in the Tower District of Sacramento features the Phillips 66 design. 03-07



Old Gas Station (Closed)
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This old gas station in Sacramento is now all fenced off and appears ready to be bulldozed. 09-08



Lion Auto
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Mike & Robyn Howard

This mid-century gas station Lion Auto features the cantilevered beams that support the canopy probably used to cover the gas pumps. Today, the site is home to an auto sales business. 07-11









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