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Historic Sites Northern California


Phone Transfer
San Francisco, CA
Photo and info courtesy Gorb70

Here is one of a few remaining art deco phone transfer buildings hidden in neighborhoods around San Francisco. 06-07



Royal Insurance
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Located in San Francisco is the Royal Insurance building. 06-07



C and H Pure Cane Sugar
Crockett, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out the C and H sugar refinery, located in Crockett, CA and its memorable sign. Crockett is the corporate headquarters for the California and Hawaiian Sugar Company or C and H. 09-08



Placerville Soda Works
Placerville, CA
Photo courtesy Steve Strickland

The town of Placerville is home to the Placerville Soda Works and its its building which dates back to the 1850's. This Gold Rush era building is also referred to as the Pearson Soda Works Building. The lower portion of this building was built in 1859 with the second story added in 1897. Check out this site for more information. 11-09









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