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Mid-Century Modern San Diego
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Aries Dance Studio
Oceanside, CA
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bowman

The Aries Dance Studio in Oceanside shows off its old architecture with "fins" that remind travelers of the days when Cadillacs and their big fins were in vogue.



Dav Thrift Shop
Oceanside, CA
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bowman

Dav's Thrift shop in Oceanside, CA is housed in an old mid-century building that may have been sort of old department or 5 and dime store in the not too recent past.


UPDATE 02/07 : The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Thrift Store pictured used to be a Safeway grocery store. The individual letters in Safeway were on the fins on the front of the building, one per fin. Looks as if the middle 3 letter boxes were left on to use for the letters DAV. Many thanks to James Cimarusti for update. 02-07










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