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Topsy's Diner
San Diego, CA

You've just entered Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures site. This section will feature some of the lost treasures of the road, surpassed by time, and perhaps forgotten. Don't forget to also visit Roadside Peek's Where Are They Now? section.


The second entrant is San Diego, California's famous Topsy's Diner from the Hillcrest neighborhood on Washington St. From the classic 60's sign to the greasy food. Topsy's exuded "googie". Here are photos, courtesy of Mark Morrissey, of the Topsy's marquee's last day. Its last day standing guard over its small piece of roadside Americana

Topsy's Diner
Photo courtesy Mark Morrissey


At the top left is the grand Topsy's marquee proudly displaying its "open 24 hours" welcome sign in better times. As shown below, Topsy's met its fate in late summer 1999 and is now relegated to roadside history books.

Alas, all good things must come to an end... and the Topsy's marquee is one of them. Here's the "bucket truck man" taking a swing over to this historic sign.


Below are more photo angles of Topsy's sad last day.

Topsy's Diner with bucket truck
Photo courtesy Mark Morrissey

Perhaps the last true "googie" sign in the San Diego area is now history.

Topsy's Diner
Photo courtesy Mark Morrissey

Topsy's Diner R.I.P.
? to September, 1999

** All photos courtesy Mark Morrissey **


UPDATE 11/13 : Shortly after closing, Topsy's became Brian's American Eatery and the sign was reused with the letters for Topsy's replaced by Brian's.

In June 2012, Brian's itself closed down after one of the co-owners sold his share which made it difficult financially for the remaining two partners to operate the restaurant and diner.

And finally, a restaurant by the name of Great Maple opened at this former location of Topsy's and Brian's by San Diego restaurateur Johnny Rivera. Word is IHOP had been interested in the location after Brian's shut down abruptly in 2012. According to this Eater San Diego article, Great Maple will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. See the menu and restaurant hours at the Great Maple website. 11-13



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