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Grand Cinema San Diego

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Crest Theatre (Closed)
Oceanside, CA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Near to the Star Theatre is the Crest with its relatively nondescript but classic marquee sign. The Crest was once a popular name with single-screen theaters and this one doesn't disappoint.


UPDATE 02/07 : The Crest Theater is now the Grace church. The marquee is still up sporting a new paint job, but is no longer lit and its letters now spell Grace instead of Crest. Many thanks to James Cimarusti for update. 02-07



Bay Theatre
National City, CA
Architect S. Charles Lee
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Bay Theatre in National City is another of the remaining S. Charles Lee designed gems. Featuring the standard Lee pillar on top, the Bay appears to still be in great shape.



Mission Theatre (Closed)
Fallbrook, CA
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Here is the Mission Theatre, located in Fallbrook, California. The old west look of this theatre makes it look like a backdrop for a Hollywood western movie or a place for the cast of Bonanza and Gun Smoke. Unfortunately this old west looking theatre is now closed.




Guild Theatre
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

How about the old Guild Theatre in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. Sporting Mission revival style architecture, the Guild is currently vacant. Below is a close-up of the marquee sign, still in decent condition as well as the back of the theatre, in not as great a condition.

(Left) A Close-up of the Guild Theatre sign


UPDATE 10/05 : The Guild Theater was gutted and turned into two retail spaces. The original sign and marquee was removed and was replaced by a modern, faux marquee advertising the shops. No character. Many thanks to Matt J. for update. 10-05



Star Theatre (Closed)
Oceanside, CA
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

What better place to see the new Star Wars movie than the venerable Star Theatre in Oceanside? After the movie's over, hang around outside and stare at the stars... even in daylight!

Star Theatre (Closed)
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bowman


To the near left, check out the newer paint scheme at the Star Theatre. Looks like the facade panels are now painted in pink! Thanks to Jimmy Bowman for updated photo.


UPDATE 02/07 : The Star Theater in Oceanside is now a performing arts center (and sometime church). Unfortunately, they no longer show movies there. Many thanks to James Cimarusti for update. 02-07










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