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Holiday Bowl
Los Angeles, CA
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The Holiday Bowl has been a local Crenshaw area landmark since it was built in 1957 by architects Armet & Davis. Known as a place where anyone in the community could congregate, regardless of race or culture, the Holiday Bowl has served its community well.


Holiday Bowl(Rem.)
Los Angeles, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Bowling alleys have been a form of entertainment since the early 20th Century. Some of the venues still surviving sprouted after WWII and continue, though shakily, today.



The "Bowl" sign
Photo courtesy Ralph Garcia


Close-up of front
Photo courtesy Ralph Garcia


The Crenshaw district mainstay, Holiday Bowl, was recently boarded up as plans to develop the block this alley is situated on into a strip mall continue. However, according to a Los Angeles Times article, the Cultural Heritage Commission of the City of L.A. voted 3 to 2 to recommended the Bowl be designated a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Contact your city councilperson, as this recommendation still needs to go through a special committee, then a full council, before designation.


Holiday Bowl during better times
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The photo on the left is how the coffee shop area looked while still in business.

Many thanks to Ralph Garcia and Georg Balandran for pre-closing photos.


The Holiday Bowl was torn down in October 2003 and is now home to a shopping center. Starbucks now occupies what once was the coffee shop.



Google Street View Image





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