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Bob's Big Boy
Toluca Lake, CA


Here are a couple of shots of one of the best remaining Bob's Big Boy. This Bob's is located in Toluca Lake, CA, and still features car hop service and the classic Big Boy Combo.

Bob's marquee
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Big Boy statue
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com





Bob's Lettering on Wall
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton


This roadside delight designed by the late Wayne McAllister was restored in the 90's after being close to meeting the fate of other great roadside eateries... the wrecking ball. Thanks in part to the L.A. Conservancy's Modern Committee, this classic eatery can still be enjoyed today.


Bob's was built in 1949 and now has the distinction of being the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy in the nation. Bob's received the State of California designation of a State Point of Historical Interest after a successful restoration effort that began in 1993. Today, the lobby is always full of hungry patrons ready to dig into the classic Big Boy combo or another mouth watering dish from the expanded menu.

Car Hop Sign at Bob's Toluca Lake
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger


At night, the Bob's takes on a new life as the neon starts up. On certain days, the car hop service gets busy. 04-08

Below are more photos of Bob's Big Boy.


Bob's from across the street
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger

Bob's Big Boy
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Bob's interior view
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss





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