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Skating Rinks Southern California
Fiesta Skating Rink


Fiesta Roller Rink (Closed/Remodeled)
San Gabriel, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here is the Fiesta Roller Rink, located in San Gabriel. Although this alley received a paint job in the last couple of years, apparently it wasn't enough. The Fiesta rink was shut down and became a furniture store.

See more information at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasure tribute to the Fiesta Skating Rink. 08-98



Rollerland Skating Rink
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Imagine a roller skate on steroids. Well, at least that's what the marquee for Rollerland Skating Rink makes one think of. What a "blast."






Skate Junction (Demolished)
West Covina, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

West Covina is home to the Skate Junction and this eye-catching sign. The building off Glendora says Roller City but Skate Junction is the place. 05-99

Lake many of the other skating rinks, Skate Junction is gone.



Sherman Square Entertainment Center (Demolished)
Sherman Oaks, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an old skating center that's located in the Valley. The Sherman Square sign itself is immense.


UPDATE 11/07 : I played Bingo at Sherman Square with my mom in its latter years. They had a roller hockey league there for a while, but alas progress has taken its toll on the old rink. I am not sure of the exact time of Sherman's demise. Walgreen's now stands in the place of some fine memories with my mom. Many thanks to Faith Farberman for update. 11-07



Skateland (Demolished)
Whittier, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Skateland in Whittier sports a marquee atop its roof that's an eye-catcher for those driving down Whittier Blvd at Five Points. This rink ominously closed its doors a year ago but reopened within months.


UPDATE 01/07 : According to the Whittier Daily News, the Skateland in Whittier has closed for good and likely will be demolished as part of a federally mandated environmental cleanup project. Per the Skateland Whittier website, Skateland is closed as of October 1, 2006. According to the EPA Superfund cleanup website, the EPA issued a "removal order to handle the vapor intrusion found at the Skateland business next door to the (Omega) site." It appears this vapor is from contaminated soil and groundwater at the site. Many thanks to Sal and Ralph Garcia for notifying us of the closure. 01-07

UPDATE 11/07 : The Skateland was demolished earlier in 2007 and is now a vacant dirt lot. 11-07



Ice Skating
Ontario, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Looking for a place to go ice skating? Well the Ontario Ice Rink is the place to go on a hot summer day.



Skate O Rama (Altered)
Downey, CA
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The Skate O Rama in Downey features classic lettering reminiscent of the old bowling alleys and skating rinks. Unfortunately, the lettering has now been removed.










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