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Roadside Drug Stores East


Lembo's Drugs (Closed)
Paterson, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Lembo's Drugs is an old drugstore located in Paterson, NJ. The sign appears to have been faded for years.


UPDATE 07/05 : The drugstore was founded in 1952 by my father, Al Lembo. He sold the business a number of years ago, but still continues to work there part-time although he will turn 80 in September.

Last year the Paterson City Council named a block of Cianci St. "Albert Lembo Way" in his honor and for his years of service to the community. The drugstore is located at 75 Market St. Also I noticed that The Marcal Factory is also not correct. It is located in Elmwood Park, NJ. Many thanks to Linda Lembo-Alonso for update. 07-05


UPDATE 12/06 : Lembo Drugs closed abruptly in July 2006, after over 53 years in business.  The neon signs are still there, at least for now. Many thanks to Linda Lembo-Alonso for update. 12-06



McCann's Rexall Drugs
Fort Edward, NY
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

Mc Cann's Rexall Drugs sports a sign out front that's reminiscent of the old Main Street America days. Back when drugstores still had soda fountains and five and dime sorta knicknacks. This drugstore is located in Fort Edward, NY.



Dutchess Drugs
Rhinebeck, NY
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This old drugstore, for now named Dutchess Drugs, is located in the old historic area of Rhinebeck. 01-07




Waltz Rexall Pharmacy Damariscotta MEWaltz Pharmacy
Damariscotta, ME
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's the fine roadside sign for Waltz Pharmacy. This Damariscotta, ME gem has been family owned since opening back in 1948. Waltz's even still has its original soda fountain. 09-10



Block Drug Stores NYCBlock Drug Stores
New York City, NY
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Here's a surreal look at the Block Drug Stores in New York City. The look of this photo looks like something out of Mad Max. 09-10











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