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Ashland Theatre
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Out in Ashland, Virginia just north of Richmond sits the Ashland Theatre. The Ashland stands tall with it combination of neon, brick and glass block. And best news of all? The theatre is "on its way to restoration!"



The State Theatre
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Unfortunately, it appears that the State Theatre is no longer shows first-run movies.



Rose Bowl
Ashland VA
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Yes, despite years of capturing imaginations and hearts of theatre goers, these grand movie palaces fall victim to time and age, and the East is no exception. Here in Ashland, Virginia, the Rose Bowl (not the football stadium in Pasadena, California) runs vacant, hence the "for rent" sign. Yes, Another vintage theatre's projector has beamed its last show.



Baronet Theatre
Asbury Park, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's a shot of the rather colorful Baronet Theatre. This old theater, located in Asbury Park, NJ, still features a script sign on top of the front facade advertising the theater. Not sure if the little bulbs in the script lettering still work though.



Music Hall Theatre
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's an old theatre called the Music Hall that appears to still be open for business in upstate NY.



Colonial Theatre
Allentown, PA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

This old marquee is what's left of the Colonial Theatre in Allentown, PA of Billy Joel fame.



Star Theatre
Dansville, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

This marquee for the Star Theatre looks to have been recently renovated with new panels replacing the originals. The neon on the side is all that's left. The owner felt it was worth protecting with the the aid of a plexiglass shield.



Seneca Theatre
Salamanca, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out the Seneca Theatre after a night of snow. This Salamanca, NY theatre still shows performances from time to time. 11-00



Heights Theatre
Elmira, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Stop by for an evening of comedy at the Heights Theatre in Elmira, NY. Or at least check out the front facade. 11-00












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