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Ten Pin Alleys Midwest


Skyway Bowl
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This fantastic marquee sits outside the Skyway Bowl. Yes, there are 36 lanes at this bowling alley, though unsure whether this ten pinner is still in business.


Here are a few photos of Shula's 31 Bowl of Niles, Michigan. Unfortunately, this treasure of an alley is now closed.




UPDATE 08/05 : Shula's is open again and the neon bowling ball sign is lighting up the sky once again. It is now called Joey Armadillo's. Many thanks to Mark Godsey, Owner of Joey Armadillo's, formerly Shula's, for update. 08-05


Shula's 31 Bowl
Photo courtesy Chris E.

Shula's 31 mural along wall
Photo courtesy Chris E.

Shula's 31 Bowl
Photo courtesy Chris E.



Sunset Lanes
Portage, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

This fantastic marquee sits outside the Sunset Lanes in Portage. Check out the colors and design on this ten pin alley sign.


UPDATE 04/06 :Sunset Lanes was razed over 2 years ago in order to put up another Walmart. Many thanks to Marnie Plucienik for update. 04-06



King Pin Lanes
Springfield, IL
Photo and info courtesy Jason Carlton

The neon marquee for the King Pin Lanes features a regal bowling alley sign. And best of all, the neon's still operational.


UPDATE 08/05 : "King Pin Lanes" sign in Springfield, IL has removed all the neon from the sign. Many thanks to Tony Craig for update. 08-05



Holiday Lanes
Lansing, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this huge arrow for the Holiday Lanes in Lansing, Michigan... yes... Magic Johnson's hometown. Not sure if he ever went bowling here, but this sign is sure an attention getter.



Bradnans Bowl
Cleveland, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's a nice marquee that sits over a doorway of a downtown tire shop. The sign calls out Bradnan's Bowl. Not quite sure where exactly the bowling pro shop and beer and liquor are though.








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