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Choo Choo Restaurant
Des Plaines, IL


Des Plaines is a town located just north of the Chicago O'Hare airport. Along its main street are several roadside establishments including a theatre and the Sugar Bowl Restaurant. Also located in Des Plaines is the Choo Choo Restaurant.


Choo Choo sign in neon
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixon


Choo Choo
Des Plaines, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Choo Choo is a restaurant/diner that's been in business since the early 1950's. The Choo Choo has become a Des Plaines landmark since then.


UPDATE 11/09 : Here's a close-up shot of the Choo Choo restaurant in Des Plaines. The Choo Choo has been serving its burgers using a model train since 1951. In this NBC Chicago article from a year ago, the Choo Choo was in danger of being razed to make room for a new police station. In fact, a site called www.savethechoochoo.com was created to fight the development plan that had the City purchasing the land and finding another location for the eatery. 11-09


In this latest story posted by the Journal Online on November 20, 2009, The City of Des Plaines has given up for now its plan to purchase the former Masonic Temple building downtown as well as the land of the adjacent Choo Choo. The Choo Choo Restaurant appears to be safe for the time being. Many thanks to Tammy Terwelp for updated photo and link to NBC Chicago article. 11-09

The Choo Choo
Des Plaines, IL
Photo courtesy Tammy Terwelp



UPDATE 10-13: As of October 2013, the Choo Choo is alive and well. Diners were eating inside and the sign looked as good as ever. 10-13

Choo Choo Restaurant
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com




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