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John's Modern Cabins
Newburg Vicinity, MO

Newburg, MO --- A roadside and Route 66 landmark, John's Modern Cabins faces an uncertain future.


John's Modern Cabins
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Despite the efforts of Route 66 fans and the Friends of the Mother Road preservation group, John's Modern Cabins just west of the Missouri town of Rolla faces a potentially bleak future. Located a bit down the road from Vernelle's Motel, the six cabins and other buildings on site are in various states of condition. The old formerly neon sign for the cabins still appears intact, though faded. The cars on the interstate whiz by, many in their haste oblivious to the history sitting right along the side of the road.

Many thanks to Ron Warnick of the Friends of the Mother Road preservation organization for this update.


Please contact the Friends of the Mother Road for more information on the status of this historic site and how you can help save John's Modern Cabins from becoming a lost treasure.

Burma Shave styled signs in front of the cabins
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com







Google Street View Image





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