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Vernelle's Motel
Rolla, MO

Rolla, CA --- The marquee for Vernelle's Motel in Rolla, MO was restored by the Friends of the Mother Road.


Vernelle's Motel sign before the paint job
Rolla, MO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Friends of the Mother Road, has repainted the Vernelle's Motel sign along old Route 66 west of Rolla, Mo. The sign had faded badly from weathering, but now it has a vibrant new coat of red, yellow and white paint. It was a tiring and scary job to be working from a bucket lift 30 feet in the air. But the 67-year-old owner was thrilled, and hopefully the more eye-catching sign will bring him some more business. (Info courtesy Ron Warnick of the Friends of the Mother Road)


Many thanks to Ron Warnick from the Friends of the Mother Road preservation organization for this update and work towards preserving Route 66 landmarks.


Vernelle's Motel sign after the paint job
Rolla, MO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com




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