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Roadside Giants Midwest


La Crosse Eagle
La Crosse, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Another huge roadside eye-catcher is the La Crosse Eagle in Riverside park of La Crosse, Wisconsin. This eagle stand tall... very tall (35 feet tall) over the Mississippi River.



"Buffalo" ... Buffalo Spirit Lodge
Merrill, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

In front of the Buffalo Spirit Lodge just north of Merrill, Wisconsin off Highway 51 is this life-like... you guessed it... buffalo. Be friendly, although the buffalo has a rounded head.





"Poor Old Woman..."
Madison, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Now this place has a fairy-tale feel to it. The shoe at Vilas Park in Madison, WI depicts the "Poor Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe."






Here are a couple of Hiawatha statues found in the Midwest.

La Crosse, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Stop and visit this huge 25 foot, 25 ton statue of Hiawatha while at Riverside Park of La Crosse, WI. She stands proudly over the Mississippi, Black, and La Crosse Rivers.

Ironwood, MI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig


Located in Ironwood, MI is the statue of Hiawatha. This 52 foot tall statue has resided in Ironwood since 1964. 03-06



St. Germain Chamber of Commerce
St. Germain, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Here's a Indian statue over in St. Germain, Wisconsin at the St. Germain Chamber of Commerce.



Xmas Past
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Here at Xmas Past, it's Christmas present all year 'round. Don't forget to say hi to Santa as well as his little elf.



Arena Cheese Mouse
Arena, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Does this mouse have a hot dog in his hand? No, couldn't be. Can't mistake the swiss cheese though. This Arena Cheese mouse can be found in Arena, WI on Highway 14, 1/2 hour west of Madison.











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