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Roadside Giants Midwest


Elsie the Cow
Elsie, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Elsie is a small town in Michigan that proclaims itself as "Michigan's Dairy Capitol". Elsie is also home to Elsie the Cow, located at the village hall. 10-08

(Near right) A close-up look at Elsie the Cow

(Far right) A look at the front of Elsie



Abe on Carriage
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Chibbqking

Here's a shot of Abe Lincoln sitting on a giant carriage in his hometown of Springfield, IL.. 05-09



Mr. Happy Burger bull
Logansport, IN
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Western edge of Logansport is where you will find Mr. Happy Burger. It appeared to be closed on this Sunday afternoon. The giant bull with the chef hat was at the side of the place. See more photos of Mr. Happy Burger here. 10-10







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