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Robin Hood Lanes (Demolished)
Edmonds, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

Robin Hood Lanes in Edmonds, WA features a sign with a pin that's cut in an interesting shape.


UPDATE 04/17 : The Robin Hood Lanes shut down in 2013. after 50 years of serving bowlers with alley like entertainment. After the closure of several local lanes over the past decade, Robin Hood was typically very busy. After closing, the whole place was razed over a couple of years later. A Walgreens now occupies the site. 04-17




Interstate Lanes (Closed)
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

Here's an old deco building housing Interstate Lanes of Portland.


UPDATE 04/17 : Donn Allen's Interstate Lanes along Interstate Blvd in Portland shut it doors on April 30, 2016. The paint on the building was looking a bit chippy and the cool space age looking sign was well worn in 2015. Unfortunately, Interstate Lanes has met the fate of most of the other old bowling alleys. Which is they are no longer economically viable in many cases as league players get older and young fans are hard to gain. The future of this location? An apartment complex. 04-17



Medford Lanes (Rem.)
Medford, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This old time bowling alley sign is located at Medford Lanes in Oregon. Check out the bowling ball that looks like a happy face atop the sign. The lettering on this star shaped sign features the look of the mid-century as it captures the attention of motorists passing by.


UPDATE 04/17 : The marquee for the Medford Lanes has been replaced by a back-lit plastic sign. 04-17





Indian Lanes (Demolished)
Roseburg, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Indian Lanes in Roseburg, OR still features the classic look of the old time ten pin alley palace.

(Far left) The marquee still stands tall in the shape of a pin.

(Near left) the building


UPDATE 12/05 : It is sad to say but Indian Lanes of Roseburg is no more. Many thanks to Nathan Miller for update. 12-05



Tower Lanes
Tacoma, WA
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Cook / 1999

Tower Lanes is a bowling alley located in Tacoma, WA. 11-07


UPDATE 03/12 : The bowling alley is alive and well, including the sign. Tower Lanes in Tacoma WA is not nor never has been demolished. It is currently owned by a group lead by Bob Hanson and Jeanne Naccorato. (Original posting incorrectly stated Tower Lanes had been demolished) Many thanks to Chris Purley and Dave Hanson for update. 03-12

For more information on Tower Lanes, see the Tower Lanes website.

UPDATE 04/17 : Tower Lanes is still open 24 hours a day. The marquee still stands, though it's been painted over with some bland brown paint. 04-17










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