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Bowling Alleys Pacific Northwest

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Canby Bowl (Gone)
Canby, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Canby Bowl features a neon lit marquee and a large pin showing the place off as a ten pin alley. Neon signs like these at ten pin alleys are becoming a rare sight. This alley is located at 145 SW 1st Ave. 03-06


UPDATE 04/17 : Canby Lanes shut down sometime in the past decade. An O'Reilly Auto Parts now occupies the site. 04-17



Golden Lanes (Gone)
Goldendale, WA
Photo and info courtesy Ben Scribner

Here's the Golden Lanes in Goldendale, WA. This ten pin alley comes complete with a laundromat Bowl Laundry. 04-06


Golden Lanes
Photo courtesy Ben Scribner


UPDATE 11/08 : Here's another shot of the Golden Lanes in Goldendale. The place has been going through some remodeling and painting. Many thanks to Ben Scribner for photo update. 11-08

UPDATE 04/17 : The Golden Lanes is now gone. The place is currently being occupied by a Bible Baptist Church. 04-17


Caveman Bowl
Grants Pass, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Caveman Bowl in Grants Pass, OR is an old ten pin alley that's a great place to bowl a few games as you pass through town. According to the Caveman Bowl site, the bowling pro shop is staffed by Chris Warren, a PBA touring professional. 12-08






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