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Roadside Giants Pacific Northwest


Hat 'n' Boots (2002 photo)
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Opening in the 1950's, the Hat 'n' Boots gas station was a unique sight for travelers searching for a place to put gas in the car. Even during an era where unique signage and architecture could be found, the Hat 'n' Boots gas station stood out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the 1980's brought leaner times and the Hat 'n Boots became in danger of meeting a destination with the saddle in the sky.


Hat 'n' Boots (February 2005 photo)
Photo courtesy Jerry Jackson

After much outcry from residents and architects alike, the Hat 'n' Boots was saved from demolition. The Georgetown Community Council purchased the structures and moved the Hat 'n' Boots to the Oxbow Park. As you can tell, the framework of the hat still needs to be filled in. The good news is the Hat 'n' Boots has been saved and remains a fine reminder to the days when businesses designed their buildings as curiosities to attract customers. 02-05











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