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neon signage pacific northwest


Clackamas Auto Parts
Oregon City, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out this night shot of the Clackamas Auto Parts sign in Oregon City, OR. The little auto carriage atop the sign is nicely framed in neon. 03-06



Bread of Life Mission
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Gorb70

The Bread of Life Mission has served Seattle's needy and homeless population for over 60 years. The Mission is located in the historic Pioneer Square District. Check out this neon sign in front of the entranceway. 03-06



Ted Harris Paint
Vancouver B.C.
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The colorful neon catches the eye at the Ted Harris Paint store in Vancouver, B.C. Check out how the red and blue neon letters contrast well with each other. 03-06



Moreland Hardware
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Mike Siebert

Check out the neon lettering and marquee for this hardware store in Portland, OR. Moreland Hardware still features eye catching neon as its sits alongside the road. 06-06



Signal Gas
Portland, OR
Photos courtesy Mike Siebert

Here is a neon close-up of the Signal Gas in Portland, OR. More photos can be found here. This deco delight was recently restored to its earlier incarnation. This gas station, which originally opened in 1939, was nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. Developer Rob Phillips renovated this in 2003 and it is now being operated as a tobacco shop. More information can be found at the following two sites 1 and 2. 06-06



Power Tool
Spokane, WA
Photo and info courtesy Josh Hudgens / 2007

The Power Tool sign boomerangs used to blink sequentially, however no longer does so. The sign has been repainted, covering the great pink and aqua scheme it used to be, but it is still easy on the eyes. 07-07


Surplus Best Buy
Spokane, WA
Photo and info courtesy Josh Hudgens / 2007

The Best Buy Surplus sign still retains flakes of its original paint, but it's nice that that the neon tubing on the sign still works! 07-07














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