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neon signage pacific northwest


Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is well known for its local newspaper, which remains an online product despite the paper side of the business being halted earlier this year. The paper is also very well known for a roadside icon that sticks in the memory of all that pass through the area whether on business or pleasure.

According to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer globe, or "P-I" globe tops the statewide list of endangered properties. The P-I globe originally began rotating on November 9, 1948, then moved to its present location in 1986. The globe still spins today although P-I owner Hearst Corporation stopped the printing presses in March 2009 and remade the P-I into an online news company only. More information can be found in the Seattle Post-intelligencer May 26 article. 05-09



Roosevelt Hotel
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

Check out this blazing neon sign at the Roosevelt Hotel in Seattle. This rooftop sign is a gem to see. 08-09




Vance Motor Hotel
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

The Vance Motor Hotel is a Seattle establishment built back in 1926. The neon sign for the Vance Hotel has been replaced as the hotel is now named the Hotel Max and was designed in the Beaux Arts style. For more information, see this website. 08-09



Helen's Children's Wear
Barnaby, BC
Photo courtesy Bill Jackson

Here's the famous sign of Helen's Children's Wear from Barnaby. The sign itself dates back to 1957. Originally the sign stood outside of Helen's Children's Wear which closed in 2006. The sign was saved and is now at a shopping area called The Heights. 07-09











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