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Other Roadside Signage Rocky Mountains


Hitching Post
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Say hello to the Hitching Post or else get lassoed in.


Color Portrait
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This old sign sits along the roof of this building. Not sure how old this sign advertising Color Portrait is, but from the looks of its tired weatherbeaten face, it looks to have been quite some time. Not sure if this old location is still around. Seems like the old photo stores and studios have disappeared.



Butch Cassidy Camp
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Welcome to the Butch Cassidy Camp in Utah and its welcome marquee for prospective campers. If the sky is dark, just follow the neon sign in.






Dixie Photo Shop
St. George, UT
Photo and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Here's a shot from May, 2000 of the Dixie Photo Shop in St. George, UT. According to a longtime business owner and neighbor nearby, the owner of the Dixie Photo Shop was Jack Durant. By the look of Jack's early work he must have started in about the 40's. Jack and his wife used to live upstairs above the shop. Jack passed away in 2000 and the doors of his shop were closed at that time and left as is so everything today is still pretty much the way it was in 2000, when this picture was taken. Jack's wife is still living and his son owns the shop. For some good news, the town of St. George has decided to preserve this block of buildings and do restorations to this old part of town.

For some added information, according to Sarah, a St. George resident, Dixie is the town's nickname of years ago for St. George, as in "Dixieland - way down south" like little Dixie town.



Chisholm's Jewelry
Lander, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an old vintage sign outside of Chisholm's Jewelry in Lander, WY. Would be interesting to hear if the circle at the top was once a clock.



Ben & Millie's Curios
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

An old and faded out sign, this marquee for Ben & Millie's Curios in Utah looks like it has seen better days.



Photo by Roadsidepeek.com

This sign points the way into Stigs and its games and pool.













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