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Neon motels florida

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Luckey's Motel
Dania, FL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a neon shot of the Luckey's Motel in Dania, FL. Check out the way all of the letters are lit on this sign. 04-06



South Pacific Motel
Miami, FL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The South Pacific Motel has a name and a neon sign that befits a south Florida motel. 04-06



Lancaster Apartments
Miami Beach, FL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Lancaster Apartments in Miami Beach features a neon sign that may have once graced a motel. Not sure what the "and efficiencies" refers to. 04-06





Premiere Motel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Here are a couple of neon shots of another south Florida motel. The Premiere Motel is just off the main strip in Ft. Lauderdale, which is Atlantic Blvd. I'm sure if its walls could talk, there'd be some interesting stories about Spring Breaks of the past. 04-06

(Far right) A close look at the Premiere neon sign




Diplomat Motel
Ellisville, FL
Photo courtesy Greg West

The neon sign for the Diplomat Motel still glows brightly in Ellisville, FL. 08-06



Travelers Inn
Ellisville, FL
Photo courtesy Greg West

Check out this night shot of the Travelers Inn. This sign with its neon lettering is found in Ellisville, FL. This sign is rather unique in the way it integrates the neon lettering with a small lighted bulb border. 08-06










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