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Orchid Key Inn
Key West, FL
Photos and info courtesy Paul Bauke

The Orchid Key Inn in Key West, FL features not one but two neon sign displays, one of which is located on a side wall of the building. 01-09

(Near right) The neon sign at the Orchid Key Inn features a fitting key image

(Far right) Here's another one of the signs at the Orchid Key Inn in Key West

According to the Orchid Key Inn website, this motel held a grand opening in October 2008. The Orchid Key was formerly called the Key Lodge and underwent a $3 million restoration. The motel is located in Historic Old Town Key West.



Blue Marlin Motel
Key West, FL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Key West, FL is also home to the Blue Marlin Motel. The Blue Marlin Motel is one of the old roadside motels in the old town area of Key West. The neon marquee as well as the large neon blue letters on top of the office building drives attention to the motel. 01-09






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