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Other Roadside Signage Florida


Columbia Bank
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Columbia Bank illustrates a once popular sign motif of a few decades past. The marquee contains not just the name of the bank itself, but a visual illustration to draw visitors in.



Badcock Home Furnishing
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

Stop by the Badcock Home Furnishing Center in downtown Tampa to either pick up furniture or check out the vintage sign.



Crown Wigs
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

Need a wig? Then Crown Wigs is the place for you. Especially if you need a disguise. Or if you need to see an old sign that still remains.




Miller High Life
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

I had driven by the old neon Miller beer sign on Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa thousands of times, but it never really sunk in. It took a visit from a New England friend and roadside observer before I consciously realized its presence. As she so gingerly exclaimed when we passed it, “Great sign, crappy beer.” Point well taken. It may be why the sign still rises to the rooftop, but the bottling plant has packed it in.



Ocala, FL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This marquee for this film store is located in Ocala, FL.



Daytona Beach, FL
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a swimmer sitting atop a store called Stamie's Beach Wear in Daytona Beach. This photos shows that using roadside figures in sign advertisement still occurs to this day.




U-Haul Rental
Tampa, FL
Photo and info courtesy John V Cinchett

One of the first U-Haul Rental locations in the state of Florida was found in Tampa. Check out the look of this marquee in this photo from 1951. 11-08



Steele Electric
Tampa, FL
Photo and info courtesy John V Cinchett

Here is a clever design for a neon sign for an electric company. This Steele Electric marquee was designed as an electric bolt by Cinchett Neon Signs. This photo dates back to 1956. 11-08



Mons Venus
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Chibbqking

This old sign found off the highway in Tampa, FL still carries many of the elements of the marquees from yesteryear. The Mons Venus sign here now stands out in many ways from the other fast food chain signs in the background. 05-09



Record City Records
Tampa, FL
Photo and info courtesy John V Cinchett

This record shop called Record City Records was on South Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa, in 1958 and sported quite a fancy neon job. This sign was made by Cinchett Neon Signs during the 1950s. 07-09












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