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Other Roadside Signage Florida


Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Here's a shot of the Lakeview sign. This grand arrow can be seen from quite a distance.



Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The marquee at the right stands in front of the Joyland nightclub. A country music club now, the Joyland once marked the site of an amusement park. (Info thanks to Budd Ballard)





Merita Bread
Orlando, FL
Photo and info courtesy Robert Droz

This sign advertising Merita Bread has been above the Merita bakery in Orlando, FL since probably when this section of I-4 opened in the early 1960's. "Merita" is in red neon three stripes wide inside the metal letters. The "Bread" is yellow plastic lettering put up within the last decade by the new owners, Interstate brands. The clock has been giving time and temperature since the late 1970's, at least.



Trader Jim's Boots
West Palm Beach, FL
Photo courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

This boot sign is at Trader Jim's in West Palm Beach.



McClelland's Saddlery
Lake Worth, FL
Photo courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

Off the Dixie in Lake Worth is McClelland's Saddlery and large horse greeting visitors at the top entrance.



Ranches Drugs
West Palm Beach, FL
Photo and info courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

This building was Ranches Drug Store from the Mid 50's till the mid 90's. This is at 3800 South Dixie Hwy ( US1 ) in West Palm Beach.



Columbia Bank
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Columbia Bank illustrates a once popular sign motif of a few decades past. The marquee contains not just the name of the bank itself, but a visual illustration to draw visitors in.





Levitz Furniture
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

"You'll love it at Levitz". Yes, there are Levitz Furniture stores in Florida. Sporting immense signage, Levitz is still a member of our current roadside eye-catchers. For how long? That's the question.


UPDATE : One moment it's up, the next it's gone. Levitz is now a U-Haul Rental. Update courtesy Andy Callahan.







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