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Neon motels southeast

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Clermont Motor Hotel
Atlanta, GA
Photos and info courtesy Kevin Powers

Here's the Clermont Motor Hotel in Atlanta, GA. This is one of the original "motor hotels" and is still intact. The Clermont is still open and does a pretty good business. 02-09

(Near right) The neon sign with the "hotel" letters lit up at the Clermont Motor Hotel in Atlanta, GA

(Far right) Another of the neon signs showing off the Clermont Motor Hotel



Thunderbird Inn
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the neon sign at the Thunderbird Inn in Savannah, GA. This Savannah location features another great "Thunderbird" themed motel sign with full neon depictions. 04-09



Moon Winx Motel
Tuscaloosa, A
Photo courtesy Chet Wilson

Here's the Moon Winx Motel in all its neon glory. This motel is located in Tuscaloosa, AL 07-1





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