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Roadside Giants Arizona


Camp Verde, AZ
Photo courtesy papaT

Camp Verde is home to the self proclaimed Worlds Largest Kokopelli. A Kokopelli is a prehistoric deity with a figure of a humpbacked flute player. This one is a huge figure found off this Arizona road. 08-06








Rainbow Rock Shop Dino's
Holbrook, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

These dino's stand in front of the Rainbow Rock Shop along old Route 66 in Holbrook.

According to Roadside America, the owner took a reported 20 years to build the seven dinosaurs which stand out front of the business.


Rainbow Dino
Holbrook, AZ
Photo courtesy Larry Glass


UPDATE 04/09 : The Rainbow Rock Shop dinosaurs congregate off of Route 66 in Holbrook. The large statues are a can't miss sight to see when traveling along the Mother Roads in Northern Arizona. 04-09


Another Dino at the Rainbow Rock Shop
Holbrook, AZ
Photo courtesy Larry Glass








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