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Roadside Characters Arizona


Western Exterminator
Photos and info courtesy Rob Svirskas

Here's another Western Exterminator guy, similar to the one located in Long Beach, CA.

Western Exterminator is a pest control company in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Their "Little Man" logo was created in 1931. Though he was originally named "Kernel Kleenup", the name never stuck. The signage and trailer-towed Little Man photos were taken at a Western Exterminator facility in Phoenix.


Western Exterminator
Photo courtesy Elgin MacMillan

UPDATE 04/05 : According to the owner, the business moved to Phoenix in 1971, and they erected the statue sign in about 1974. Many thanks to Elgin MacMillan for update and latest photo. 04-05






Bisbee, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Ann Berkery

Here's a real roadside find. Yes, it's Harbie, located in the Shady Dell RV Park in Bisbee, AZ. The Shady Dell is a park wherein the "motel rooms" are refurbished trailers from the 50s, a converted bus, & a propped up cabin cruiser. Lo & Behold , there in front of the yacht, stands a Harbie, kind of faded but bravely holding up to cold, dry desert winds.



Off the I-40, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This dinosaur advertising fossils is located off the Interstate 40 near the Painted Desert. Here is another hard to resist roadside attraction to catch the eye of unsuspecting motorists off Route 66 in Arizona. 11-10








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