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Neon Signage Arizona


Dog Racing
Phoenix, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This large marquee for the Phoenix Greyhound Park in Phoenix is a can't miss sight off the road. Yes, it is this way to the greyhounds. The park opened in 1954 at 40th Street and Washington.


UPDATE 01/07 : Recently, the greyhound park was sold to the city of Phoenix, for the use of Sky Harbor Airport. The park will be open for about another 5 years, then torn down to make way to parking and extended airport services. The sign was replaced by a really ugly plain sign and all the character was lost. The park is still packing them in though. I do not know the fate of the sign, or if it even it still exists. Light rail construction might have caused the sign to come down. Many thanks to Adam Falk for update

UPDATE 11/20 : The old Phoenix Greyhound Park closed in 2009. The building still stands and the lot is the home of the Phoenix Park & Swap that features a swap meet and amusement park rides. According to Arizona Central, dog racing at the park was quite popular for a while until animal cruelty cases became raised in the 1990s and early 2000s. Alas, live greyhound racing became prohibited in 2017 and no longer exists in Arizona. Too bad as the Phoenix Greyhound Park featured the American Totalisator, which "guaranteed accuracy". Not sure how it worked but it sounds really cool.









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