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Other Roadside Signage Arizona
Tucson Warehouse


Can Depot
Somewhere in AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Looking to grab some cash for cans? Well, this character looks pretty happy as he walks with one arm towards cashing out a box of cans. This sign calls out the business Can Depot.



Tucson Seat Cover Co.
Tucson, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This marquee for the Tucson Seat Cover Co. is rather interesting when you stare at the close-up. Not sure why, but it is.





Dog Racing (Sign removed)
Phoenix, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This large marquee for the Dog Racing track in Phoenix is a can't miss sight off the road. Yes, it is this way to the greyhounds.


UPDATE 01/07 : Recently, the greyhound park was sold to the city of Phoenix, for the use of Sky Harbor Airport. The park will be open for about another 5 years, then torn down to make way to parking and extended airport services. The sign was replaced by a really ugly plain sign and all the character was lost. The park is still packing them in though. i do not know the fate of the sign, or if it even it still exists. Light rail construction might have caused the sign to come down. Many thanks to Adam Falk for update. 01-07



Pat's Bicycle Shop (Gone)
Tempe, AZ
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

Here's a cool roadside sign for Pat's Bicycle Shop in Tempe, AZ. Check out the different shapes, colors, and swooping golden arrow that make up this marquee. Pat's Bicycle opened for business in 1947. The sign is no longer here after disappearing around 2010. An auto broker is currently on site.

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Rich's Hitch Works
Phoenix, AZ
Photo courtesy Elgin MacMillan

This old faded out sign is for Rich's Hitch Works in Phoenix, AZ. It's hard to depict what the sign looked like back in the day.






Watson's Flowers (Gone)
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Quite a roadside sight, the Watson's Flowers sign towers along the busy boulevard in Mesa. Watson's was established in 1933 with the sits origins formerly a gas station. The sign itself is from the 1950's, built by the Paul Millet Sign Co., which also many of the other notable roadside signs in the area.

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UPDATE 09/17: Word is that the sign came down in a storm. Haven't seen the sign since. 09-17









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