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Sit Down Restaurants Northern California


Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Trails is a little roadside joint that's found in Sacramento somewhat near the Tower District.



Tad's Steaks
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here's the sign for Tad's Steaks all lit up. This steak house is located near Union Square in San Francisco.




Golden Tee Inn Restaurant (Demolished)
Sacramento, CA
Photos and info courtesy John Flores

Here are a couple of shots of the Golden Tee Restaurant & Hotel, located on Auburn Blvd. in Sacramento.  The Golden Tee has also been torn down . The demolition crew seems to be having a whole buffet of teardowns lately after tearing down the Lyon's Restaurant on Watt Avenue. 06-07

(Far left) The sign and view from the parking lot at the Golden Tee

(Near left) Another shot of the entrance



A & W Restaurant
San Rafael, CA
Photos and info courtesy Heather David

Check out the A & W restaurant in the town of San Rafael, CA. This A&W is located at 3741 Redwood Highway (across from the Marin Civic Center). A & W was founded in Lodi, California in 1922.  By 1960, the company had 2000 restaurants.  This A & W in San Rafael has been nicely maintained. 09-08

(Near left) The A & W hat shows the way to the restaurant

(Far right) The A & W marquee in its familiar colors



Marin Joe's Restaurant
Corte Madera, CA
Photo, image and info courtesy Heather David

The Marin Joe's Restaurant is a Northern California landmark eatery since 1954.

Marin Joe's features fresh French bread, a Caesar salad made at your table, incredible burgers, lasagna, steak, seafood, etc. Waiters in white shirts and black vests. Reasonable prices. Friendly service. Nice cocktail lounge too. See the Marin Joe's Restaurant website for more information. 05-09







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