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Snacks and Stuff Northern California


Maple Leaf Donuts
Campbell, CA
Photo courtesy Heather David

Here's a donut shop complete with a neon donut on top of its roofline. The Maple Leaf Donuts is located in Campbell, CA. 07-08







Sputniks Donuts
San Jose, CA
Photos courtesy Heather David

Here's a donut shop that sports a name straight out of the space age era. Sputniks Donuts in San Jose features a tall marquee with a donut outline on top of the sign. Check out the way that each side of the sign states something different. 07-08

(Far left) The "sputniks" side of the sign

(Near left) The side facing the sun showing the "donuts" lettering



Rolling Pin Donuts
San Bruno, CA
Photos and info courtesy Heather David

Rolling Pin Donuts has been filling up some bellies in San Bruno since 1958. Rolling Pin easily has some of THE best donuts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to try the frosted and cream-filled donut holes… DEADLY. The place is open 24 X 7. There are 3 baking shifts so chances are you can catch the magic in action. 05-07

(Near right) A mural from Rolling Pin Donuts

(Far right) The Rolling Pin Donuts marquee lets you know when it's "coffee time"






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