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Neon Bowling Southern California

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Garden Square Bowl (Demolished)
Garden Grove, CA
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The Garden Square Bowl's neon pin and ball with finger holes speaks for itself.






Champion Lanes (Demolished)
Garden Grove
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

This bowling alley marquee prominently features the lettering for "bowl" amidst googie style lettering and blocked outlines.


UPDATE : This is the sign from the Champion Lanes, which was almost right across the street from Garden Square Bowl. I bowled league there for many years. The decor inside was a perfect example of googie. From the stone walls, brightly colored light fixtures, and bowling equipment original to it's opening in the early 60's, it was definitely a trip back in time. It closed it's doors for good in the early 90's. Many thanks to Jay Hunnemeyer for putting a name to the "mystery bowl" and for information update. 03-06



Beverly Bowl (Removed)
Montebello, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Beverly Bowl used to be a great place for a few games of ten pin bowling or play video arcade game and shoot pool at night. Its immense neon sign no longer lights up the sky.


UPDATE : The marquee was removed. Another AMF owned bowling center has lost its unique marquee.


See more Beverly Bowl photos at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures Tribute to the Beverly Bowl.



Covina Lanes
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Here's another shot of the marquee at the Covina Lanes. This bowling alley is still a sight to look at, especially during the day.


Covina Bowl
Covina, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


The Covina Bowl and West Covina Lanes were built around the same time in the 50s. The Covina Bowl was originally built with an Egyptian theme, which explains the pyramid-like shape of the front and the names of the banquet rooms inside (Pyramid Room and Egyptian Room being among the largest). Many thanks to Leo Guiala, former Assistant Manager of the Covina Bowl for above info.



Corbin Bowl
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Here's a neon shot of the Corbin Bowl, found along the busy Ventura Boulevard corridor.











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