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Orange County Drive-in Theatres
Southern California

Check out the old drive-in theatres in Orange County. Although none remain, the photos below may bring back memories to some of you. Many thanks to Georg Balandran and Louis Di Fazio for the photos below.


Hi-way 39 Drive-in Theatre (Demolished)
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

An extremely special drive-in theatre that was once on Hwy 39 (Beach Blvd.) in Westminster is the appropriately name Hi-way 39 Drive-in Theatre. Sporting a fantastic boating mural that spoke volumes of the fine beaches nearby, this drive-in sadly met its fate in March of 1997. Yes, after 42 years, this treasured theatre was replaced by ... a Walmart.


Hi-way 39 Marquee
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The marquee of the Hi-way 39 was plain yet royal in its look. It was a shame to see a jewel of an ozoner replaced by a discount store.



Anaheim Drive-in / Current Sign (Demolished)
Anaheim, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Do you remember when Orange County actually had open drive-in theatres? Well, welcome to the Anaheim Drive-in Theatre on Lemon Ave.


This theatre showed it final movie in 1990 after 35 years in business.

Anaheim Drive-in Screen Tower
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio


The Screen Tower to the old Anaheim Drive-in Theatre looked to be an interesting orangish color... a good depiction of Orange County.


Anaheim Drive-in Marquee - old look
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio


Anaheim Drive-in - Swap Meet Sign few years ago
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio


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