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Burger Joints Southern California



Dell's Burgers
Colton, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco

Here's the former Burger Chef Restaurant, now a Jim's Burgers. This restaurant is located along Route 66 in Rialto, CA. Notice the large red brace with the Jim's Burgers lettering. This used to hold the Burger Chef sign back in the day. 08-05



Dell's Burgers
Colton, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco

Here is a photo of Dell's Hamburgers located in Colton, CA. This sign sports 2 arrows to point customers to arguably the best tasting hamburgers around town. 08-05







George's Burgers
Riverside, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco


Here are a couple of photos of the sign and building of Riverside's George's Famous Hamburgers and Tacos. This hamburger stand has been a favorite of Riverside's since the 60's and is still in operation today, serving some of the best hamburgers around. Classic cars often show up here for a visit as well as other vintage vehicles. 08-05



Burger Q (Closed)
West Covina, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This burger stand in La Puente features a large sign with Burger Q very prominently displayed. Also check out the ordering stations in the shape of the letter Q.

This location in West Covina actually once had two mirror image Burger Q drive throughs operating at the same time, until the one on the east end became a dry cleaners. The Burger Q appeared to be a chain that was quite popular in the area back in the 60's and 70's. This location was one of the last of the Burger Q's to survive. Unfortunately, the business appeared to change hands as the Burger Q sign was removed and the business name changed. 04-06



Sirloin Burger
Hollywood, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This sign is for the Sirloin Burger in Hollywood, CA. Check out the outline of the waiter character at the top of the sign. 12-10













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