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Neon Motels Southern California


Hyland Motel
La Habra, CA
Photo courtesy Steve Snyder

Here's an old roadside motel called the Hyland Motel found in La Habra, CA. 05-06



Cloud 9 Motel
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Fancy staying at a place called the Cloud 9. Well, here's a motel in Pico Rivera by the same name. 03-07



Tampico Motel
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Near the Cloud 9 Motel is this sign for the Tampico Motel. Wonder what the marquees looked like prior to the backlit plastic. 03-07



Glen Capri Motel
Glendale, CA
Photo courtesy Anand Desai

The neon letters cast a welcoming glow at the Glen Capri Motel in Glendale, CA. 07-07



Palm Tropics Motel
Glendora, CA
Photo courtesy Marilynn Hendrie

The neon still glows off the roadside in Glendora as the Palm Tropics Motel beckons to motorists traveling along the 66. 12-07



20th Century Motor Lodge
Glendora, CA
Photo courtesy Marilynn Hendrie

Check out the lettering on this backlit sign at the 20th Century Motor Lodge in Glendora. 12-07



Stardust Motel
Azusa, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's a shot of the Stardust Motel neon, back before its tall marquee was replaced by backlit plastic. 10-08



Bonair Motel
Los Angeles, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's a night shot of the Bonair Motel that used to be located on Western Avenue near Hollywood Boulevard. The Bonair was torn down in 2010. 11-10






La Habra Motel (Removed)
La Habra, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

The neon still shows off its glow at the La Habra Motel in La Habra. The neon fits a roadside motel that's found along a main drag in the San Gabriel Valley. 10-09


UPDATE 08/12 : Unfortunately, the neon sign no longer lights the way, replaced by a new sign of the backlit variety. 08-12









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