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Neon Motels New Mexico

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Blue Swallow Motel

Melody Lane Motel
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

Here's an absolute gem from the Southwest. The Melody Lane Motel sports perfect neon.



Village Inn
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

Here's the Village Inn Motel, complete with symmetrical bunny ears. The fantastic glow from this neon befits the twilight illumination of the New Mexico sky.



Capri Motel
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

A couple of signs welcome you to the Capri Motel. Grab a bite to eat here before you hunker down for the night.



Anchor Motel
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

The Anchor Motel in the Southwest sports a huge jaw-dropping anchor image as its marquee. This neon treasure beckons one to "anchor" down for the night. Yes, pun is intended!








El Rancho Hotel marquee
Gallup, NM
Photo courtesy Larry Glass


El Rancho Hotel
Gallup, NM
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66The El Rancho Hotel & Motel in Gallup was once the favorite lodging place for plenty of famous folk. Check it out as the neon surrounding the building lights up the sky as the hotel and motel proudly stands out along the historic Route 66.

The El Rancho marquee proudly states "home of the movie stars" as a reference to the many movie celebrities that have graced the motel due to the multitude of films that were made in the area. According to the official El Rancho Hotel & Motel website, the guest register has captured such names as Ronald Reagan, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Autry, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, and many others. In fact, the lobby and upstairs is lined with many old autographed photos from such stars.

The El Rancho was built by Joe Massaglia in 1937 for R.E. Griffith. In 1986, well-known businessman Armand Ortega purchased the hotel in 1986 and proceeded to restore it to its former state.


UPDATE 04/09 : The marquee at the El Rancho Hotel & Motel still lights up the night off of Route 66 in Gallup. Many thanks to Larry Glass for photo update. 04-09



Franciscan Lodge
Grants, NM
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66The Franciscan Lodge neon still sits pretty alongside the Mother Road in Grants, NM. Although the supply of intact neon signs have dwindled off the 66 in Grants like it has in most towns, the Franciscan continues to be an exception.











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