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Boulevard Diner
Worcester, MA


Not far down the street from the glow of the Coney Island Hot Dogs is the Boulevard Diner. I always try to eat at an old diner when I can and this one was really old. The owner of the diner was there that night telling me how the specialty here was Italian food, an odd thing I thought for a diner so I ordered up a selection which came in a ridiculously large portion and I was really taken by this as it totally tasted like home made food.

Boulevard Diner
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


I was about to take some interior photos when a drunk guy came in, sat down and ordered some breakfast. His food arrived in short order and he nearly passed out in it with his head hanging about an inch above the plate.

I was pretty amazed a guy could be that drunk that early as it was not even nine in the evening. Because of this, I was unable to get a good overall photo of the interior, thus you are only seeing half a diner ~ R. Weiss

On the table was the daily newspaper with the main article talking about whether they will demolish the clock tower of the former Insane Asylum or spend money to fix it. My thought on this was simple as there is a precedent already set for such things in America where it is cheaper to destroy an irreplaceable landmark than repair it so I am guessing it is gone by now. 01-13 ~ Richard Weiss

Photos courtesy Richard Weiss



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